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40 Acres DAO

40Acres is a web 3 native community dedicated to creating self-sustaining communities of color using blockchain technology & increasing the diversity of the ecosystem.


ADAM has a mission to bring innovations to the asset management field with decentralized technologies at its core. ADAM DAO is the governance DAO of ADAM.


API3 DAO governs API3, a collaborative effort to build, manage & monetize dAPIs at scale.

Affiliate DAO

To Bring Partner Marketing Into Web3.

Agroforest DAO

Decentralized coordination for a rooted society. A gamified way to encourage regenerative agriculture & social inclusion, as well as recognizing & rewarding those who contribute to the community.

AirCoin DAO Labs

AirCoin DAO Labs is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that has built AirCoin, AIRNFT, AirCash, & ACG Ventures.

All For Climate DAO

Helps citizens take action in their community to transition to a more sustainable world. They support all climate movements and projects to raise funds, get more visibility, & find new contributors.

Alpha Venture DAO

A community of venture builders that builds & innovate an ecosystem of decentralized applications that capture value in Web3 & bring alpha returns to the Alpha community

Aluna DAO (🌎, 🌎)

Empowering Collective Prosperity via crypto social investment network.

AmpliFi DAO (📡,🛰️)

AmpliFi DAO is a Web3 Affiliate Marketing Platform For Token Powered Referral Campaigns with Onchain Attribution.

Angel DAO

A Venture Decentralized Autonomous Organization supporting a wide variety of projects with funding, software development, network participation and community building.


We're building community-owned music & arts festivals. Next-generation experiences, powered by future-focused artists.

Antidote DAO (🎗,🎗)

The First DAO Focused on Funding Different Cancer Initiatives

Ape DAO 🦍🦍🦍

Degen Apes of the Metaverse-was started by @kyloren_nft when he fractionalized 49 Bored Apes and a female CryptoPunk.

Apollo Crypto DAO (🎨, 🎨)

Crypto for the Creator Economy: How Creators Fund Their Passions & Projects

ArbitrumNews DAO

ArbitrumNews DAO is a fun DAO on Ethereum's premier L2 scaling solution Arbitrum! It focuses on all the new things of Arbitrum!


Onboarding artists into the NFT space & building out tokenized collections of 1/1 works as investable assets into emerging art scenes.

ArtSect Gallery DAO

A DAO-led NFT gallery in real life to guide you into the metaVRse.

Ascendant DAO

A for-profit DAO applying community-sourced market intelligence.

AthenaDAO 🧬🪩

A decentralized collective to fund & empower research focused on women’s reproductive health & fund research, drug development programs, & innovations that help women.


Trust-minimized farming, rewards in ETH, & non-dilutive tokenomics.


Axon DAO is a medical investment fund which focuses on new & orphaned Neurological research & Veteran care including: Tinnitus, the Spine, Alzheimers, PTSD, Connectivity, Longevity, Robotics, Surgical Tools, & Beyond.


The first decentralized esports gaming cooperative (dSports)

Backer DAO

BackerDAO is an invite-only research & investment collective. As a DAO, our mission is to source investments, conduct research & diligence, & make highly valuable investments together that pushes the web3 movement forward.

Badger DAO

BadgerDAO is a decentralized collective of builders supporting community driven growth for Bitcoin across DeFi.


Balthazar DAO is accelerating the revolution of a more equitable gaming industry. The DAO funds & supports projects within its ecosystem. Vision: To allow 100,000,000 gamers to own & trade their assets.

BankDAO (🏦,🏦)

A community coming together to own and operate a bank with the mission to collectively build a more equitable financial system.

Bankless Africa

Educating, onboarding & informing everyday Africans about Bitcoin, Defi, DAOs, & web3

Bankless Brasil 🏴

We are the first Brazilian DAO. We help provide quality content on your Crypto journey. Be your own Bank. Become Bankless 🏴

Bankless South Asia DAO

To onboard the next billion people in the south Asia region into web3.

BanklessDAO 🏴

We will help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, & culture.

Banyan Dao (🌱,🌳)

A confident, inclusive community with a global network of professionals, leveraging products through a decentralized incubator.


BASIN scales ecosystem & natural carbon sink #restoration and #conservation using #realestate #RWA to solve the climate & nature crises

Beat DAO

Music Producers DAO on NEAR Protocol, expanding web3 music ecosystem. We are connecting crypto enthusiasts with music production enthusiasts.


Collaborates with fellow Beer lovers and Beer makers to create an environment that helps all parties while providing membership benefits!

BeetsDAO (📼,📼)

A private, global NFT collective first formed in the EulerBeats community amongst 58 collaborators who met on a Discord server, with a shared passion for the long-term power of NFTs.


To create a global democratic biotech ecosystem focused on identifying, funding, & supporting real-world biotech projects to accelerate biotech innovation & solve humanity's most pressing challenges.


On a mission to allocate the world’s largest DAO-directed treasury, partner with leading protocols, and build the future of finance.

Black Creators DAO

We empower, advocate, & support black creators in the Web2 & Web3 space.

Black History DAO

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the preservation of black history on the blockchain and metaverse.

Black Leaders DAO

Advancing the next generation of Black leaders around the 🌎 through web3 literacy, financial empowerment, & NFT + social token launches. Allies welcome 🖤

Black Lives DAO

BlackLivesDAO's mission is to inspire a powerful solidarity network and fight for the freedom of black people.

Blackchip DAO

A modern, community-driven DAO that aims to explore investment opportunities for ‘blue-chip’ collectible assets.


A decentralized streaming platform & entertainment studio that aims to make the film & television business more equitable & transparent in order to empower creators & viewers alike.

Blockchain Club Africa

👨🏽‍💻 A community of Active Blockchain & Cryptos Lovers sharing knowledge and Opportunities.

Blockhub DAO

We are a VC DAO, our goal is to make pre-seed & seed investments accessible to our members, all investments decisions are made by our members.

Blocks DAO

Aims to migrate traditional industries onto blockchain. Through a blend of blockchain & non-blockchain partnerships, BLOCKS intends to grow the utility of its digital asset to become a unit of measure for Blockchain.


A decentralized and autonomous platform that acquires, manages and safeguards green areas.

Blu Fund DAO

The Blu Fund & Blu Fund DAO were created out of a desire to create an animal charity that can accept crypto currencies. Inspired by the Betty White challenge it seeks to allow animal based charity donations without high processing fees.

Blu3 Global

For the dreamers, leaders, and changemakers 🦋 A mission-driven organization championing justice & equity in emerging tech & blockchain for women+ and allies.

Blunt DAO

Onboard the next 1 million people to Web3, 1 blunt at a time, via Proof of Sesh.


Deploys a series of decentralized bridges -or tunnels- which allow you to safely move your crypto assets between Ethereum & different blockchains to maximize utilization rate of crypto assets in DeFi.

Botto DAO

Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist governed by BottoDAO. The art engine creates entirely on its own, but it does not know what good art is. The DAO votes on Botto's outputs to help train its aesthetic over time, & proceeds from the art sales reward the voters.

Brave New DAO

We are a community of investors, founders & scientists backing businesses, technologies & infrastructure fighting the climate crisis & creating meaningful change to the welfare of our planet.

Bubble DAO

Fostering a diverse & inclusive community with a shared interest in Web3 to facilitate building impactful relationships that can change a person's career and life.


A supranational network of startup cities.


A community of food & web3 enthusiasts creating the first decentralized burger franchise.

Burrito DAO

Our community of artists, degens, and collaborators create projects that support creatives. We show up for artists of all backgrounds, to make sure they’re not alone. If that’s not a burrito, we don’t know what is.

Buttato Corporation 🥔

As a blockchain based corporation our equity and decision making utilizes Ethereum based tools with the goal of creating teamwork beyond borders.


Transform wellness into wealth with CHANGE 360. A holistic platform that leverages AI & blockchain for health & fitness success.


The worlds first & only decentralized Web3 content marketing agency DAO. Massively scalable. Fueled by DeFi.


A decentralized city built by creators, for creators.

Cap3 Collective

Cap3 Collective allows its members to vote, fund, & profit with new emerging web3 projects.

Carbon Dao

Building the on-chain solution for sustainability by encoding carbon offsetting into smart contracts.

Carbon Sync DAO

Empowers users to easily subsidize regenerative farming and the production of industrial hemp on a global scale.

Carew DAO

We want to buy the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, OH and govern it as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Carib DAO

Building the future of the Caribbean, block by block.

Cartoon Boyz Club

✏️ The first entertainment DAO dedicated to creating fun and education content around Blockchain and Crypto.

Champions DAO

A community DAO NFT project with the goal of purchasing, owning and operating a professional football (soccer) club.

Change DAO | ☮️❤️🖼

An NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain and a global grassroots community leveraging art as a force for social change.

Cherubs DAO

An NFT governed community of extraordinary people changing the world. Be the difference for the causes you believe in. One Cherub at a time.

ChoiceDAO (🗽,🗽)

We are a global community of activists & Web3 enthusiasts coming together to fund & engage in the fight for reproductive rights. Our first goal to raise >$1M in support of frontline organizations working to get people urgently needed care.

Chrono Dao

ChronoDAO is a decentralized gaming guild that empowers players to play, collaborate, innovate, & explore new game economies. We aim to help our players better understand & benefit from these new economic models by highlighting their advantages.

Cityroots DAO

Built to safely bring businesses and consumers in to Web3. We are developing compliant proprietary applications making it easy for non-technical users to trust, understand and use Web3.

Closer DAO

The operating system for sovereign communities.

Club Penguin DAO 🐧

Just your average DAO working on buying Club Penguin and reviving it in a familiar, yet new and innovative way. 🐧✨ Not affiliated with Disney.

Code Life Records DAO

A decentralized music label with a M2E (manage to earn) ecosystem that is responsible for all things CODEBOY Sai.

Cold Truth Culture

Cultivates a magical community by artists for artists-a space for like-minded people to meet, share ideas, artwork, & learn about digital assets & NFTs.


Collab.Land launched a DAO to give its “community of communities” the opportunity to help guide the direction of the project.

Comics DAO

Creating the ultimate community comic book collection. Don’t just own a piece of history, enjoy it!

Constellation DAO 🌟

Constellation is a DAO independently founded by the Techstars community to invest in each other, explore & deepen connections & resources through our networks, & support each other’s well being.

ConsumerDAO (✨,✨)

A group of consumer founders, investors, and brand nerds building community at the intersection of Consumer + Web3 🛒💻🤝


Divine Music Group- Artist Development | Talent Management | Web 3 Booking Agency.


A DAO-based ERC-20 compliant token that is on the Gnosis network.

Creative Platform

A collective of developers & creatives contributing to the Creative Platform, with a common goal of using blockchain technology to make the entertainment industry a better workspace for creativity.

Crypto Warrior

A video game development DAO specializing in crypto and NFT applications. DAO token holders will pay independent people to complete work or put up a bounty and vote for who gets paid.

Cult DAO

Cult empowers and funds those building and contributing towards a decentralized future.

Cure DAO

Accelerating clinical research through a platform that rewards collaborative innovation & data sharing. We're working to discover the effects of millions of factors on human health. Imagine a 🌎 where suffering is optional.


A digital safe space to learn and contribute by empowering an environment for learning and building.

DAO Brussels

The DAO of Crypto Citizens of Brussels

DAO FC (⚽️, ⚽️)

Buying an English football club via a DAO. It's time the fans take back football.

DAO House Global

DAO House Global-is building a global group of community-led, member-governed clubs and co working spaces starting with London, New York and Miami.

DAO Nation

Provides a financial & organizational infrastructure for protocols & individuals to build & promote ESG-minded projects - via incubation, funding & collaboration.

DAO Planet

DAOPlanet’s mission is to deliver access to strategies, tools, & practices that support greater individual productivity, flexibility, & representation within all organizations. DAOify 10M Orgs.

DAO punks

On a mission is to enable humans to liberate themselves from the soul-sucking drudgery of default world work & lead them to the rewarding, expansive freedom found in meaningful DAO work.

DAOnver Broncos

Making a bid to purchase and operate the Denver Broncos as a DAO.


A DIY Web3 Record Label creation platform & Audio NFT ecosystem that aims to provide people the tools they need to build and participate in the future of the music industry.


dOrg is a collective of web3 engineers, creatives, & operators that helps projects accelerate development and adoption.

Data Union DAO

Decentralized open-source tech to enable people to earn revenues from their data.

Design DAO

UX / UI & Content Strategy Service DAO — Making interchain projects dead easy to use by combining storytelling & stellar UI.
 of 300+ DAOs
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