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The easiest way to start a DAO.
Where are these reviews From?
These reviews come from the ELI5 DAO. Members tested this tool during a three month epoch and provided feedback on experience. To find out more about ELI5 DAO visit their website here.
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Summary of Epoch Reviews
How did Epoch 1 reviewers describe this tool?
- A tool used to govern a community, where community contributors hold power based on their reputation.
- A tool to manage a DAO's treasury, tokens, and members.
- A tool that publishes a DAO's actions on-chain.
- A tool that naturally and easily integrates decentralization.

Some thought the tool resembled a school or nursery run by its students. Others as a tool for a group of friends to come together and create and manage a project in a gamified manner.
What did Epoch Reviewers like about this tool?
- The reputation-weighted system & reputation decay mode.l
- The ability to lock tokens.
- The ability to have sub-DAOs/pods.
- Actions made on the platform are published on-chain.
- Staking/Objection feature for proposals.
- The lazy consensus model.
- The transparency and simplicity the tool offers.
- Selection of Gnosis blockchain allowing for minimal gas fees
What could be improved?
- More in-depth descriptions of the permissions and what they allow users to do and/or educational videos and instructions embedded in the permissions feature.
- The ability to modify/adjust governance settings via an action/proposal (i.e., durations for action/decision phases) without losing all previous data.
- Make Governance settings viewable once enabled.
- Requiring the approving of every action and "finalizing" a vote can be cumbersome.
- Integration of other tools for things like communicating, offering bounties, or making non-treasury-related decisions (a Coordinape integration would be dope, for example).
- Offer better notifications for decisions or actions as they move through each phase (staking, motions, results, etc.).
- Mobile Application availability. Many contributors around the world only have the ability to connect with one another via mobile phones.
- Use of more simplistic terms/vocabulary or offering definitions for jargon.
- The font on many items is very small, making it hard to locate certain information.
- Token quantities written in complete numerical form (900 instead of .9K)