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A permissionless, composable, & decentralized social graph that makes building a Web3 social platform easy. From the team that brought you the Aave Protocol.

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These reviews come from the ELI5 DAO. Members tested this tool during a two or three month epoch and provided feedback on their experience. To find out more about ELI5 DAO visit their website:

Summary of Epoch Reviews

How did ELI5 reviewers describe this tool?

It's THE place where teams and communities can come together to share ideas and work in a super user friendly way offering a superb user experience.
Samudai is a centralized hub for DAOs that put the most commonly utilized DAO tools and processes under the same dashboard. Its highly customizable thanks to the multiple integrations if offers via widgets.
The main idea shared across all Eli5 descriptions from all reviewers is that Colony is a tool that allows organizations to organize. Organize what?: payments & treasury, decision making, & reputation.

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What did ELI5 reviewers like about this tool?

The user experience is by far the most liked feature of Common Ground, followed by an having Mobile capabilities that also offer a great user experience. Almost all reviewers used similar words to describe the UI: clean, intuitive, and beautiful.
The one-stop-shop concept is very real with Samudai. A very intuitive navigation and high customization of the dashboard and platform in general makes Samudai a product that can be adopted by several different types of DAOs.
Colony reputation-based system seems to be the #1 aspect that everyone liked. This goes hand by hand with the lazy consensus mechanism. In general, how Colony allows true contributors to a DAO to participate in a smooth fashion.

According to ELI5 reviewers, how could this tool be improved?

Simplifying the sign-in process, and fixing minor glitches that forces the user to reconnect under some circumstances. Including notifications. Also, improving the use of GIFs and the processes and documentation involved in publishing articles & announcements.
Most reviewers are giving importance to improving the UI/UX more. Because Samudai can do so many things, the information put in front of you as end-user is a little overwhelming. Part of the suggestions is offering users the ability to customize their dashboard according to their preferences. Also minor adjustments to the UI. Another suggestion for improvement is more about adding more tools and capabilities to Samudai (although this talks about how users relly like what they saw, and will like to see more tools that they use in other DAOs to be added to Samudai). i.e. Adding voting capabilities inside Samudai to allow for voting in Grants proposals.
Better notification & communication mechanisms. Cosmetic improvements to the UI, and enhancements to UX. Mobile support seems to be a very interesting point for many. It can still use a bit more simplicity in how information is presented to the user. From the numbers in a more human-readable format to the words used and even the font size.

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