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Building web3’s messenger with an integrated wallet designed for creators and their communities in order to make the new internet accessible and useful to everyone.
Where are these reviews From?
These reviews come from the ELI5 DAO. Members tested this tool during a three month epoch and provided feedback on experience. To find out more about ELI5 DAO visit their website here.
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Summary of Epoch Reviews
How did Epoch 1 reviewers describe this tool?
- A tool used to govern a community, where community contributors hold power based on their reputation.
- A tool to manage a DAO's treasury, tokens, and members.
- A tool that publishes a DAO's actions on-chain.
- A tool that naturally and easily integrates decentralization.

Some thought the tool resembled a school or nursery run by its students. Others as a tool for a group of friends to come together and create and manage a project in a gamified manner.
What did Epoch Reviewers like about this tool?
- The reputation-weighted system & reputation decay mode.l
- The ability to lock tokens.
- The ability to have sub-DAOs/pods.
- Actions made on the platform are published on-chain.
- Staking/Objection feature for proposals.
- The lazy consensus model.
- The transparency and simplicity the tool offers.
- Selection of Gnosis blockchain allowing for minimal gas fees
What could be improved?
- More in-depth descriptions of the permissions and what they allow users to do and/or educational videos and instructions embedded in the permissions feature.
- The ability to modify/adjust governance settings via an action/proposal (i.e., durations for action/decision phases) without losing all previous data.
- Make Governance settings viewable once enabled.
- Requiring the approving of every action and "finalizing" a vote can be cumbersome.
- Integration of other tools for things like communicating, offering bounties, or making non-treasury-related decisions (a Coordinape integration would be dope, for example).
- Offer better notifications for decisions or actions as they move through each phase (staking, motions, results, etc.).
- Mobile Application availability. Many contributors around the world only have the ability to connect with one another via mobile phones.
- Use of more simplistic terms/vocabulary or offering definitions for jargon.
- The font on many items is very small, making it hard to locate certain information.
- Token quantities written in complete numerical form (900 instead of .9K)