List of DAO TOOLs

A website 🖥  to explore 🔭 Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Tools 🔧.

To make decentralized cooperation towards a common goal easier, ADAM builds the standard of DAO 2.0 & innovates the DAO governance model.
The most powerful set of web3 development tools to build and scale your dApp with ease. Earn your free web3 degree: @AlchemyLearn
AnyDAO facilitates the transition form Web2 to Web3 for DAOs to link their communities, create bounties, distribute airdrops, launch donations, mint NFTs all while ensuring DAOs & community members the ability to contribute-to-earn.
Aragon is a suite of applications and services that enable new forms of global communities. Build your Decentralized Autonomous Organization on open-source infrastructure with governance plugins.

Astro DAO (🔮,🔮)

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Launch your DAO in less than 10 minutes without a line of code. Supercharge your community using Astro. We empower groups anywhere in the world to make decisions together, collectively.
BrightID is a public good that exists for the benefit of humanity. It is a nonintrusive, decentralized, open-source technology seeking to reform identity verification. BrightID is a social identity network that allows people to prove to applications that they aren’t using multiple accounts. It tries to solve the unique identity problem through the creation and analysis of a social graph.
Brink Trade is a web3 protocol providing automated conditional orders & composable trading strategies for Defi & NFTs. Coming soon: stop loss, market making, & bracket orders.
Building web3’s messenger with an integrated wallet designed for creators and their communities in order to make the new internet accessible and useful to everyone.
Catapult empowers the humans in Web3 communities with effortless onboarding, rich Web3 profiles, & powerful tools to explore and connect.
Powering the Future of Work through Web3. The solution for token communities to build relationships, work together and vote.
Collab.Land is an automated community management tool that curates membership based on token ownership. We begin with initial verification, confirming that each prospective member possesses the required token(s) to join & participate in your community, & follow up with routine checks to confirm members continuously satisfy your requirements.
Makes it easy for people all over the world to build organizations together, online.

Console 💜 ✨

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Console is a group chat platform where communities can co-create magic. Access to Console comes with a suite of tools to grow your community, empower your most dedicated members, co-own assets, create events, docs, roles, token-gated channels & more.
DAODAO is a Web3 social platform that allows you to start, fund, & trade the Next Big Thing. Imagine Reddit + Kickstarter + Coinbase.

DAO haus (👅, 👅)

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Magic Internet Communities for All™️ We are a no code platform for Moloch DAOs.
Born in the well-known West Ethereum community MetaCartel, DAOSquare is dedicated to building a Web3 incubator that aims to be the Y·Combinator in the Web3 era.
DAObox offers legal & management services for DAOs, such as 'legal wrappers,' allowing the DAO to become a recognized legal entity.
DeepDAO collects & organizes a variety of quantitative & qualitative data about DAOs governance, their structure, people & decision-making. It currently serves interactive data dashboards, project descriptions, a DAO Tools go-to & a governerds' discord channel.
Web3-native Trello + web3-native Fiverr - Productivity Management for the Contributor economy
The Web3 toolbox for a better tomorrow.
FactoryDAO leads the DAO wave with an extensive suite of dApps for building sustainable, decentralized organizations. Building no-code, modular infrastructure, allowing anyone to launch a DAO.
Founders DAO is the end-to-end DAO protocol : Structure, Finance, Operate.
Gardens are composable, sufficiently decentralized, & self-improving DAOs, limited only by your collective imagination - from the @1hiveorg ecosystem 🐝
Grindery is building “Zapier for Web3.” DAOs & Web3 organizations need great operational tools. Grindery Nexus is a decentralized system that interacts with smart contracts, blockchain events, & web2 APIs.
Launch DAOs with Legal Benefits in Seconds.
A permissionless, composable, & decentralized social graph that makes building a Web3 social platform easy. From the team that brought you the Aave Protocol.
Lenster is a decentralized, and permissionless social media app built with @LensProtocol 🌿
The Engine Room 🎛️ of Web3 Organizations: 💰 Coordinate Capital Judiciously & 🛡️ Build Accountability.
Creating healthier workspace culture via AI technology. MoodConnect delivers wellness solutions to employees & managers to improve business' productivity, communication & profitability. We encourage companies to invest in their employees health and wellness & value the growth of their employees.
The NEAR protocol serves as the secure, scalable foundation for a new kind of decentralized applications (dApps). It is also built to be especially easy for developers to use (e.g. by coding in JavaScript). Hundreds of projects are already building exciting dApps on NEAR.
Origami helps the most ambitious communities launch and grow their DAOs.
Palmera is an interface between DAOs & DAO tools built around SAFE that enables contributors to take on-chain actions & visualize all operations.
Safe is a smart contract multisig wallet running on a number of blockchains that requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur (M-of-N). Safe gives you complete self custody over your funds.

Safe Treasury 🏦

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One-stop financial dashboard for Web3 Teams.
We, at Samudai, meaning “community” in Hindi, are building a platform for managing & growing communities in the Web3 ecosystem. We aim to smoothen out operational inefficiencies to enable large-scale coordination & executions among DAOs.
The best calendar & event bot for Discord. Simple yet powerful. Reminders, RSVPs, roles, smart parsing, GCal sync, timezone magic, polls, and more!
Where decisions get made.
The easiest way to start a DAO.
A place to explore & collaborate on tokenomics of web3 protocols & blockchain applications.

Unanimous AI (Swarm)

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Swarm is the world's first AI platform that amplifies the intelligence of networked business teams, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, predictions, decisions, and insights. Swarm employs the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence – the process that allows flocks of birds, schools of fish, and swarms of bees to reach optimal decisions with remarkable efficiency.

Unstoppable Domains

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Own your identity in the digital world. Get started with a Web3 domain.
Wrappr is a platform to launch & mint legal NFTs, such as limited liability "legal wrappers" for DAOs & wallets. Users can select through premade options, such as LLC formation, or explore a gallery of other NFTs deployed by the public.
XDAO is a multi-chain DAO framework built for a decentralized future.
An onboarding & community management tool that helps you focus on what matters.
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