I can’t believe this is our last update. The past 6 weeks have flown by! If you haven’t already, be sure to read the first 5 installments of this 6-week series that documents ELI5 DAO’s journey as a participant in cohort 2 of the DAOpunks Grants Program:

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4. Week 4: A Call for Action(s)

5. Pivot…Pivooot!

Heralding Shaman

This week we began exploring Shamans on the DAOhaus platform. This is something many ELI5ers have been looking forward to. So, what is a Shaman? This tl;dr from the article written by hq.spengrah.eth explains it best:

Shamans are external contracts that have been approved by the DAO. An approved Shaman can programmatically manage DAO logic and configuration, opening up a huge design space of experimentation, flexibility, and programmability for DAOs. Without requiring the typical proposal process, a Shaman can directly mint and burn shares and/or loot, convert a member’s shares to loot or vice versa, and adjust governance parameters.

In other words, these are separate apps to supplement DAOhaus. There are many app options that focus on other processes a DAO may need, including onboarding members with required staking, token-weighted and multi-choice voting, and work/productivity trackers. Shamans make DAOhaus modular and, in turn, highly customizable.

We decided to start with Free Ryder, designed to increase member participation. By visiting the app, DAO members are rewarded shares for their engagement.

The share and claim period parameters can be customized to your DAO’s needs. We found this to be a very interesting way to incentivize member activity, as fluctuations and dips in participation can be a challenge for many DAOs. Needless to say, we are excited to continue our Shaman exploration in the last few weeks of testing!

Though this series has come to an end, ELI5 testing continues! We will wrap up our DAOhaus testing in 3 weeks and then work on getting reviews and videos published in the month that follows. And, of course, we will be testing additional tools in future epochs. Visit our website to find out how to follow along, join us, and read our reviews: www.eli5dao.com.

One Final Thank You

Before officially signing off on this series, we want to thank the DAOpunks again for their generosity and for having ELI5 DAO as part of cohort 2 of the Grants Program. This experience has opened many doors and helped us further our progress in achieving our mission. We will forever be grateful for this opportunity! I highly recommend checking out DAOpunks on Twitter and Discord to witness the incredible work they are doing for the Web3 community.



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