And just like that, it’s time for ourDAOPunks Grant Program week 2 update! If you haven’t already, be sure to read the first installment of this 6-week series:

1: ELI5💡DAO: the Latest DAOpunks Grant Recipient

Foundation of an Epoch

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Each epoch offers the opportunity for deep exploration of a tool, but before jumping head first into testing, we must solidify our foundation.

Tool Project Manager Selection

First up was electing the Tool Project Manager (TPM)for the epoch. The TPM manages all aspects of the epoch, including creating weekly challenges for epoch participants, giving reminders of timelines, and assisting anyone who may need help along the way. Additionally, they curate the final report, which summarizes all the reviews and parking lot items (bugs found and suggestions) to share with the team behind the tool.

I, erinr#7860, nominated myself for the TPM role, and the motion passed. The TPM bounty is only available to Level 3 contributors, and being only one of two current L3 contributors, this isn’t a remarkable feat (lol). I’m excited to share that we will have many additional L3 contributors upon the conclusion of epoch 3, so new faces will likely fill this role very soon.

Bounty Creation

Participation in a testing epoch is determined via bounties. Each testing period is accompanied by 19 available bounties (11 Personal Tool Reviews, 1 Summarization Review, 1 Video Overview, 1 Video Review, 5 Editing roles, and the TPM we discussed above).

We utilize the bounty board on Charmverse to manage this aspect at ELI5, which allows contributors to apply for bounties and track the progress of everyone’s tasks. As of the publishing of this update, 9 bounties for epoch 4 remain up for grabs! We expect all bounties will be taken shortly, so don’t sleep on getting in on the fun!

Summoning a DAO (or 3)

Photo by Adams Arslan on Unsplash

Next up, it was time to summon our DAO on DAOhaus. DAOhaus uses its own lingo regarding DAO operations, as most tools do, so there will be a learning curve as we adjust to the new terminology. We are coming to DAOhaus at quite an exciting time as they just launched version 3. This led to a 12-hour rabbit hole to decide whether to test on v2 or v3. In the end, after summoning 3+ DAOs across both versions, we landed in v3.

The rest of this week’s testing was spent onboarding ELI5ers into the DAOhaus DAO, which is done through individual Membership Proposals. We plan to dive into the different functionalities and explore the composability of the tool in the coming weeks. Loot, guildkick, and ragequit? Oh yes, get ready. It’s going to be an exciting ride.

Making Frens

We’ve saved the most exciting development of the week for last. Amid my 12-hour rabbit hole (re: summoning the DAO), I hopped into the DAOhaus discord to ask a question. This little act blossomed into a series of events that led to one of their developers learning about our DAO (shout to dekanbro#7256!). One thing led to another, and they are now in our discord to support the epoch, joined our weekly community call to introduce themself, and are planning to do a product demo for our team! We may even help test some brand-new features launched for v3. The other DAOhaus community members we’ve encountered have been just as wonderful. We thank the DAOhaus team for embracing our mission and welcoming us with open arms.

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