Simon Sinek’s (2010) Ted Talk on How great leaders inspire action introduces the golden circle concept. Made up of three parts, why, how, and what, Sinek suggests that the golden circle corresponds with tenets of biology, specifically, how parts of the human brain process thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Specifically, he notes that the neocortex controls a person’s rational and analytical thoughts and aligns with the what section of the golden circle. In contrast, the limbic part of the brain controls our feelings and behaviors and corresponds with the why and how sections of the golden circle (Sinek, 2010, 6:08–6:20).

Arguing that successful leaders and organizations start with their why, Sinek cites that leaders with a solid foundation of their purpose, beliefs, and values and who lead using their why, can inspire others to greatness.

Chaffey, 2021


Taking Sinek’s theory to heart, our why for starting the List of DAO Tools is to facilitate awareness. Our ELI5 DAO article explained some of the questions we typically receive from those in the DAO space.

Where should I start my Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)?
Should I use Discord or Telegram, or both?
What is this coordinape business?
People keep talking to me about Lens like I should have a notion.
Wait, Notion is a tool too?

We often run into DAO founders who didn’t know where to start their DAO journey or the best tools for their applicable context. It is a question of direction, and DAOs needed a place to start or a compass heading to let them know what was out there.

Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash


How do we facilitate awareness? Like the List of DAOs, the List of DAO Tools promotes awareness by reducing complexities and offering simple, easy-to-understand information. The easier tools are found and understood, the more likely coordination of efforts can compound and help communities achieve their greatness. Unlike the List of DAOs, the List of DAO Tools will need information on how the tool is best used and applicable reviews. For this reason, we have strategically partnered with and supported communities focusing on testing tools.


Finally, our what is a directory on DAO tools. We are excited to welcome the List of DAOs Tools into the family and plan to highlight those tools that have partnered with us via the List of DAOs or other communities. To start, we want to give a special shoutout to the following organizations and tools to be listed:, Lens Protocol, Lenster, and Samudai. Please visit the website here for more information on the List of DAO Tools.

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