Update #5- Do you Lava Linkin Park?

This is an updated series of articles on Shibuya 渋谷-White Rabbit 白ウサギ. In its first anime movie, White Rabbit 白ウサギ, the Shibuya team empowers Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owners to become storytellers and decision-makers.

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Where we left off:

“…we left White Rabbit 白ウサギ with our protagonist Mirai. After stumbling through a cave, she finds herself in an environment with floating islands and is faced with a decision of three paths. The lady on one path. The white fox is on another path and a third path that leads to a “drop.” NFT owners decided Mirai’s fate by following the fox.

Is the Floor Lava?

Chapter three has finally been released, and we have much to catch up on! Follow me 🦊.

Choosing to follow the fox from a gut feeling, Mirai starts to question her path on this unusual journey. She is introduced to “A new world” and is instantly mesmerized by its beauty, but learns that it is facing a threat.

Unless she can harness a magical hat’s power, the world may soon disappear. Just as she discovers this, a sudden frost from the floor appears and then transforms into molten lava. The floor bursts into fragmented stones, leaving gaps filled with flowing lava.


Mirai is now split from the fox and is challenged. Feeling panicked, a spirit appears and urges her to stay calm. She is trapped and must decide the proper path to “leapfrog” safely (by jumping from rock to rock) to reach the other side. She must be cautious, though, as one wrong jump could land her on unsupported stones, resulting in her demise. It’s a 50/50 shot, and users must help Mirai decide the way.

It is at this point that NFT owners may use their passes to receive a chance to help Mirai cross the lava field. Crossings required users to choose right or left and memorize the correct path before losing their lives. Successful crossings of the lava field were rewarded with keys.


In a unique pivot to gamifying aspects of the film, the team at Shibuya has creatively reincarnated a childhood pastime game and brought it into Web3. Fans attempting the feat anxiously anticipated the results of their decisions in the hopes that the character would safely land on a rock (or couch ottoman).

Linkin Park

What happens when you successfully challenge death and make it through a scorching field of lava? Naturally, you end up being highlighted in a Linkin Park Music Video! Wait what!?

Yes, that’s right. In addition to the unique NFT gamification, Mirai was featured in an official Linkin Park music video. With over 17 million views and counting, @pplpleasr1 and @maciejkuciara directed a music video for Linkin Park’s song “Lost.”

The video, filled with historical easter eggs, highlights different parts of the band’s journey and correlates it to Mirai’s journey in the new world. Notably, the footage also shows tributes to the band’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, who passed away in 2017.

So far, the video has been trending in the top ten of Youtube’s music genre. A link to the full video has been provided, but for those wishing to see a unique take on the production, watch the side-by-side comparison that @TCAmber made below.

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