The cryptocurrency and DAO legislative environment in the United States in 2023 is problematic, at best. Even with best intentions, the lack of clarity and significant ambiguity makes operating in the DAO space incredibly difficult. As a DAO enthusiast, founder, or contributor trying to navigate the current landscape, you may have wondered how we can collaborate to bring about positive change on a broader scale. Enter the DAO Coalition.

Mission & Vision

The DAO Coalition is a growing assembly of DAO leaders and representatives from other web3-friendly organizations seeking to strengthen the DAO ecosystem by pursuing advocacy agendas and coordinating efforts across DAOs. To achieve this objective, the Coalition will adopt a two-pronged approach. In the US, the Coalition has formed a nonprofit to pursue an advocacy agenda at the federal level. Abroad, they will form an international group of DAO representatives to create and formalize industry standards and best practices.

As impending regulations are expected to impact the cryptocurrency and DAO space, it is becoming increasingly evident that a collective and organized approach is necessary to ensure the fair representation of the DAO community’s interests during the legislative process. We are thrilled to see the DAO Coalition take the initiative to spearhead this effort.

The Organization

Organizational Structure

The DAO Coalition was incorporated in Delaware in January 2023 and is currently seeking 501(c)(4) status in the United States. The team is collaborating with Hats Protocol to develop an on-chain inter-organizational structure using Hats’ ‘tokenized role’ solution. This solution will enable DAO representatives to receive a ‘representative hat’ denoting their formal inclusion in the Coalition and enabling them to participate in multi-DAO proposals. Hats Protocol’s unique feature of supporting revocable delegation of authority and responsibility is particularly intriguing, and we are eager to see it put into action within the Coalition.


The DAO Coalition’s founding members include Lobby3, LexDAO, Pac DAO, and ATX DAO. Over 20 additional DAOs have expressed interest in joining, and many are in the process of selecting their representatives to participate in the Coalition.

The List of DAOs is a great resource to explore DAO Coalition members, as you can conveniently search for members using the DAO Coalition Member tag. Additionally, members are identifiable by the Coalition’s logo on their profile.

Although membership requirements for the DAO Coalition have not been formalized, DAOs interested in joining can complete a brief Typeform on the Coalition’s website. Active participation from DAOs is critical for achieving the Coalition’s mission. It is an excellent opportunity to get involved and help establish the foundations of this critical organization.

The DAO Coalition’s efforts to secure a bright, prosperous future for DAOs are admirable, and we are grateful for their contributions to the community. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and help raise awareness of their valuable work.


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