I love a bold statement. Literally and figuratively. In their June 8th mirror article, Samudai announced closing a 2.5 million dollar pre-seed raise that seeks to “…empower DAOs and build the contributor economy 🚀.”

While a powerful and exciting statement, that wasn’t all. The first sentence in the article was one that really struck me.

“DAOs will be a fundamental part of the future of work.”

Both bolded and bold, it instantly brought me back to the first article I wrote on why I started the List of DAOs, where I said:

I believe that there is a wave of change coming to the structure of organizations. I believe that ownership, operation, and profits may shift from the hands of the few to the many. How? By an up-and-coming structure known as the DAO, pronounced “DOW.”

Enter Samudai

Meaning “community” in Hindi, Samudai aims to build a platform that streamlines DAO operations and enhances efficiency giving “… DAOs the tools they need to build the next-gen global work culture,” and the team isn’t messing around. Samudai has reportedly received support from 9 venture capital firms, including names like Coinbase Ventures, in addition to over 15 angel investors.

Samudai is quietly building in a bear market with the funding behind them, but what problems does the Samudai platform hope to solve? In tandem with their pre-seed announcement, Samudai noted two distinct areas of concern within the Web3 ecosystem. These were highlighted as issues that DAOs face and issues that contributors face.

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Of the problems that DAOs face, the Samudai team noted impediments to growth from a lack of task management and activity tracking. Further, DAOs need help to obtain and retain talent and ensure rewards transparency. Likewise, contributors face confusion when entering a DAO, dilemmas regarding credentialing, and organizational structures that negatively impact community engagement.

With all of these identified issues, it’s no wonder why Samudai is excited to direct efforts to solve some of these DAO problems. If a platform could be built to help increase efficiency and transparency and focus decentralized organizations’ efforts, the future of work could genuinely change. Sending a bold message.

Moving forward, Samudai is now readying its product’s release and is starting beta testing for early adopters. Of note, tool-testing DAOs, like ELI5 DAO, are also anxiously awaiting to get their hands on the platform to give feedback to the team. In partnership with Samudai, the ELI5 DAO has voted to test the Samudai platform for Epoch 2 starting on January 5th.

Today, those anxiously awaiting the Samudai platform can sign up for the waitlist at Interested parties can also join the ELI5 DAO, to simultaneously use the platform and be compensated for honest reviews on the tool. We can’t wait to see how the Samudai platform will solve these problems, and we look forward to testing the product in the upcoming months. is a one-stop shop for decentralized resources. It includes resources such as the List of DAOs, List of DAO Tools, List of NFTs, Web3 Book Club, and the Decentralized Diary. Visit our website at or follow us on Twitter @decentra_list.

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