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It has been over three months since we launched the List of DAO Tools. In that time, our website 🖥 to explore 🔭 Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Tools 🔧 has grown to over 35 tools and counting, and entering 2023, the year of the rabbit, we are hoping for continued success. To date, we have written about three tools: Samudai, Wrappr, and Bunches. While each tool has its niche, we haven’t covered a money-focused application until now.

Introducing Safe Treasury. Safe Treasury is a “One-stop financial dashboard for Web3 Teams.” In simple terms, it is a dashboard that can track and simplify assets on a single or multiple signatures (multi-sig) wallet. Safe Treasury allows organizations to “batch” transactions, label financial spending for accounting, and gate collaboration to specific members if they hold tokens or applicable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Deeper down the hole 🕳

While it is great to talk about a tool, it is even better to use it. Luckily, Safe Treasury is accessible to use and test out today. Users will see some core sections on the left-hand side when they log in. The Dashboard at the top acts as a home page for the member or organization. Cash Flows show the graphical activity of assets in days, weeks, months, or years, and the Transactions section allows users to delineate labels for each movement of funds.

Additional sections like Wallets, Members and Settings allow customizable options, and these actions are all documented within the Security Logs channel providing a historical context.

To date, the Safe Treasury is providing this treasury management service free of charge. It has also partnered with other tools (Go+ Security and 0xScope) to offer functions like AI spam transaction filtering, which aims to help facilitate a “cleaner transaction history.”

The List of DAO Tools in the Web3 space continues to multiply by the day (rabbit joke intended). We have enjoyed witnessing all of this growth and are encouraged by the building that is taking place. In just the first month of 2023, the hare is taking the lead, and we are excited to see where the DAO Tool hole will take us. is a directory 🗒 for decentralized resources. It includes resources such as the List of DAOs, List of DAO Tools, List of NFTs, Web3 Book Club, and the Decentralized Diary. Visit our website at or follow us on Twitter @decentra_list.

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