When you hear the term “maternal care,” the topic of maternal mortality rates probably comes to mind, and the statistics paint a shockingly grim picture. As of 2020, the maternal mortality rate in the United States was the highest of all industrialized nations, being three times higher than the next industrialized country. The disparity gets even worse when we take race and ethnicity into account. Unknown to many, maternal care is much more than caring for the mother and child during the birthing process. Often forgotten are the critical prenatal and postnatal periods. The ability to receive well-rounded care to address all aspects of motherhood is not a given. Maternal Instinct has set out to change this! Founded by Mellap Murila, Maternal Instinct is a woman-led NFT project created to raise global maternal health awareness.


The Inspiration

Mellap first became interested in the idea of mentorship programs for girls and women at the young age of 12 years old. She experienced pregnancy and the birth of her first child at the age of 20 as a college student in Kenya. More recently, Mellap had two more children in the United States. The contrast in experiences between her first and later pregnancies highlighted the vastly different journeys women experience based on factors such as location and financial status.

This experience and Mellap’s professional expertise shaped the vision for Maternal Instinct. The project began as a coaching service to aid women in building their businesses. Upon Mellap’s discovery of Web3 and its positive implications, Maternal Instinct has evolved into much more than that initial idea.

The Mission

Maternal Instinct is “redefining social impact by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to raise global maternal health awareness.” They have taken a holistic approach to create an inclusive space and support system for mothers, addressing many aspects of maternal care, including emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, and financial well-being.

“It is our knowing that when mothers are empowered in these [five] areas, they can live fuller, more complete lives, that in turn increases their social impact.”

The first-generation Maternal Instinct NFT collection consists of 30 1/1 pieces highlighting significant events in motherhood, from reproductive health to empty nest syndrome. The art in this collection is eye-catching and uniquely beautiful! Mellap explained that she utilized the “glitch” effect to illustrate these monumental moments. The color and vibrance of the collection depict the ebb and flow of emotions and the evolution of each woman throughout their journey. The available art in this collection can be purchased on Opensea. 60% of profits generated from this collection are donated to organizations centered around maternal health.

If IRL merch is more your thing, you can support this project by visiting the Maternal Instinct online store, which offers apparel and accessories featuring the same graphics style as the NFT collection. 50% of profits generated from merchandise sales are donated to organizations centered around maternal health.


Lastly, Maternal Instinct works to elevate other mother-led NFT projects. Currently, they feature such projects on their website and plan to eventually have a Maternal Instinct NFT marketplace to feature mother and parent-led projects.

The Vision

Maternal Instinct hopes to break down the barriers and remove taboos around discussing maternal health and experiences, as well as bring attention to the disparities in care occurring across the globe to the forefront. They plan to create a future in Web3 that inspires mothers and fathers to enter the space and invites all to be themselves fully. Currently, resources and community for mothers (and fathers!) of the maternal Instinct community are available via Discord and Twitter Spaces.

Long-term, Mellap hopes to evolve the Maternal Instinct initiative into a DAO which focuses on the five pillars of maternal care identified above. The DAO will reimagine value creation for mothers and work to address areas of difficulty its members experience. Early ideas include creating educational spaces and resources, integrating childcare into co-working spaces, and insurance plans explicitly tailored to the needs of parents and families while remaining affordable.

The Alpha

Maternal Instinct will feature five collections total, releasing one new collection per year. Collection 2, created by a Nigerian artist, will illustrate motherhood from a child’s view and is planned to be released in 2023.

The Maternal Instinct project is much needed, especially when women’s rights and maternal care are in jeopardy in many locations worldwide. We are inspired by the project’s work to affect change in a complicated system. There’s no better time than now to empower women and improve the lives of parents and families!

Learn more about Maternal Instinct on their Social Channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MI_NFT30

Links: https://www.maternalinstinct.co/links

Website: https://www.maternalinstinct.co/







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