One of the companies I am most excited about getting into the Web3 space is Outside. As a former athlete and outdoor enthusiast, the literal outside and mother nature sit near and dear to my heart. Outside, best known for its popular magazine, produces content from travel hotspots to essential gear and captures the spirit of nature for its readers.

Described as their first step into Web3, Outside’s new Outerverse project hopes to inspire Web3 fans to step away from their computers and experience the real world. With its recent release of the Bedrock NFT and Outerverse Passport, Outside has set its sights on this new digital frontier and has started to collaborate with famous artists to sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

One of the first “drops” they plan to highlight is artist James Arnold. James, a self-described cheese and pickle sandwich eater who enjoys “…cycling along country lanes, feeding garden birds and starting small fires,” is set to release his unique collection at the beginning of October in collaboration with

All for Biking- James Arnold & Outside

The collection called, Biking for All features an eclectic makeup of bikes and riders that celebrate different walks of life. Outerverse passport holders will get special perks and offers when the project starts. The NFTs will also allow owners to win VIP trips “ the Outside Cycling Series, which includes Tour of the Moon, Tour of the Vineyards, and Copper Triangle.”

Even better is that profit generated from the sales will go to a great cause! In a statement about the project, Outside noted the following:

Outside is committed to rewarding talented creators for their work and the value they create — and to supporting our nonprofit partners. For the Biking For All drop, Outside is taking the special step of distributing 100% of new profit from the sales of the NFTs, after paying Magic Eden’s service fees and distributing a share to James Arnold, who created the artwork.

Profits will be donated to People For Bikes. People For Bikes advocates for beneficial biking legislation and supports more people riding bikes! The Biking for All NFTs are scheduled to sell for around .5 Sol or approximately $16. Current prints from Arnold’s website go for between £60.00 — £150.00, depending on the size.

As an Outerverse Passport holder, I look forward to the “first chair access” to creators like Jack Johnson, Chris Burkard, Lynsey Dyer, Michael Muller, and more. More so, though, I am most interested in the execution of this drop. Will the Outerverse inspire us to get outside and back to the great outdoors? Only time will tell, but I sure hope so!

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