The Decentra-list team just returned from MCON 2, which took place last week, September 6th-9th, 2022. We truly enjoyed the conference and met so many wonderful people! Here we will provide a quick recap of our conference experience but before we jump in, let’s quickly discuss what MCON is.

What is MCON?

MCON is a DAO-centric conference put on by MetaCartel (@Meta_Cartel). This was the conference’s second year, and it took place in Denver, Colorado. The MCON website describes the conference as “bringing together a limited number of attendees; MCON gives you an experience of valuable conversations, learnings, and experimental growth all about DAOs.” It was free to attend, but you had to apply and be accepted to get a ticket. Per the information provided at the opening ceremony, more than 800 applicants were accepted. But why gate access? The MetaCartel team shared that this curation of attendees allows for a very enriching environment full of DAO enthusiasts. It will be interesting to see if this continues to be the method in future years as the event continues to grow. The conference was packed with two days of main stage panel speakers and many side events on and off the conference campus. They also had an impressive line-up of sponsors for this year’s event, including Collab.Land, Cordinape, Cabin, MetaMask, Snapshot, and Lens, amongst others.

Conference Highlights

First and foremost, the vibe of the conference was impeccable. The energy of being around other DAO champions was second to none. Everyone was welcoming and ready to exchange ideas.

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by the gm bus (@gmbusbus), where we added to the drawings on the bus inspired by the prompt, “What if it turned out better than you imagined?” Fitting for the DAO and Web3 space, no?

Then we jumped into the busy speaker panels and presentations. A few highlights for us included:

  • Do We Really Need Another DAO Tooling Project? w/ Juliana Rosenberg ( Metropolis, prev. Orca Protocol) and Denison Bertram (Tally)
  • The Room: A space for connection and coherence hosted by Cabin and Coordinape
  • DAO OPS: Lessons From The Front Lines by MetaMask Institutional
  • DAO Legal Entity Debate featuring Adam Miller, Sven Riva, Ben Huh, and a surprise guest
  • Bufficirn #BUIDL Brigade MCON2 Happy Hour and Poker Tournament

The venue was ideal because all the panels were located in the same building. This offered the opportunity to jump from one panel to the next and catch presentations with overlapping times. The side events we attended were also conveniently close by. They also offered a mini “expo hall,” which housed sponsor booths and a lounge to hang out, take a break, and chat.

As with any conference, the best part was making connections and putting faces to PFPs! We met many old friends and made many new ones over the two days we attended.

Our team is grateful to MetaCartel for putting on a fantastic conference are we are excited to see what next year holds. If you are interested in attending or learning more about MCON, you can visit their website:

Learn more about MCON & MetaCartel on their Social Channels:








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