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Since publishing our first article on the McBess’ Cel Mates NFT project back in September, there have been quite a few developments!  Today’s update will give the tl;dr on recent happenings and what to expect in the coming weeks over at the Steel Hose Penitentiary.

Creator Live Steams

To our delight, there have been several live art streams in the past two months where McBess and his team completed digital works. We loved the inside look at the creative process, and the opportunity to watch these artists live makes one truly appreciate their talent. Perhaps one of the most fun products of these creations was the game CopHead.


During a live stream, we got to watch McBess create and animate a pixelated officer who then was featured in the rooftop jumping game on the Cel Mates website. And to keep the gamified nature of the project going, the top-scoring wallets got onto the Warden’s List. So fun. So creative. And the game was incredibly addictive!

BAYC x @McBess x @DudesFactory Collection


This sweet merch collab dropped on October 26, 2022, exclusively for @BoredApeYC holders. It was live for just one week, though we suspect it sold out much faster than that. The collection featured the easily identifiable style of Dudes Factory with a BAYC twist. You can read more about the collaboration on the BAYC blog.

Warden’s List (Allowlist) Update

First thing first, we got onto the Warden’s List! This was quite a feat, and we are very excited. While a Warden’s List spot doesn’t guarantee an NFT, you must be on the list to have a shot at minting. To the dismay of many, the Warden’s List officially closed on November 1, 2022. On the bright side, the Cel Mates team is currently cleaning the list to remove bots (AMEN to that!).

Wen Drop?

The Cel Mates team recently dropped this alpha on Twitter:


This leads us to believe that the Mint date will be November 21, 2022. The mint price appears to be at .333 ETH, with a total of 4207 NFTs in the collection. Additionally, they provided some information regarding NFT holder perks previously alluded to on their website:

“Eternally stuck on the Ethereum prison blockchain, Steel Hose is filled with workshops, concerts, custom contraband, and exclusive community-driven content.”

They also dropped the above sneak peek at the welcome merch package. We know holders will receive shorts, but what else? Based on the above, we speculate a t-shirt, mug, hat, and flask, among other things. Are there pixelated art detectives out there? What do you think?

The Cel Mates team continues to post regularly on their Twitter account, dropping hints here and there as the excitement surrounding the project escalates. Who will get into the Steel Hose Penitentiary? Only time will tell, but you can count on the Decentra-list team to provide further updates, hopefully, next time from the “inside.”

Learn more about Mc’s Cel Mates on their Social Channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cel_mates

Website: https://celmates.wtf/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mcbesstv





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