We’ve all been there…checking, double-checking, and triple-checking a public key before completing a cryptocurrency or NFT transaction to ensure it includes the correct wallet address. This becomes especially burdensome if you need to send many transactions to various recipients. Such difficulties are a reminder of the many barriers of entry into cryptocurrency and web3 that non-native users face. IDriss is determined to break down these barriers and make web3 more accessible for regular humans.

Product Suite

IDriss believes “every human on Earth deserves frictionless access to crypto and the benefits of using it: cheap and instant transactions, improved security & privacy, and investment opportunities.” With that in mind, they are building a suite of products to streamline interactions in the crypto space.

Address Mapping

The IDriss team has been busy working towards its mission. First, they released decentralized mapping of emails, phone numbers, and Twitter usernames to crypto wallet addresses, making it infinitely easier to share your wallet address and ensure you’ve got the correct wallet address when sending funds.

Online Creator Tipping

Next came Online Creator Tipping via Twitter. IDriss has made it easier than ever before to tip your favorite crypto Twitter frens. IDriss users who link their Twitter usernames to their wallets get a nifty IDriss badge on their profile page. (To see these badges, you must install the Chrome extension offered on the IDriss website.)

Simply hover over the IDriss badge to execute a payment.

So simple, quick, and easy! As of the publishing of this article, users can send native tokens and stablecoins over Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC networks. Adding support for more tokens and networks is planned for the near future. 1% of each transaction supplies the IDriss treasury. Additionally, the team is working on integrating their crypto tipping tool on other platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube.

IDriss Send

Their newest product launched just earlier this week is IDriss Send. It is like the Venmo of Web3, but better. IDriss Send allows you to send and receive crypto & NFTs to anyone on Earth using emails, phone numbers, and Twitter usernames. You can send single or batch transactions, and you don’t even need to confirm the wallet address of the recipient(s). I’m sure you are thinking, “How is this possible?” I’ll let the IDriss team explain:


Both tokens and NFTs (all major standards) on the Polygon network can be sent. Additionally, automated notifications are sent to recipients via email, text message, or Twitter direct message, so they know they’ve received a transaction to their wallet and/or need to complete the authentication process to claim their assets.

IDriss Send, created in partnership with Cult.DAO, is an open-sourced protocol welcoming developers and creators to integrate it into their decentralized applications. The code is available via GitHub.

Join the IDriss Ecosystem

IDriss offers a lifetime membership for just $10 per address (paid in MATIC of BNB). The sign-up process is quick and easy. It took me less than 5 minutes. Soon after, I had my IDriss Twitter icon and was ready to begin utilizing their products. In addition, you can join their Discord community to chat with the founders and fellow users, ask questions, and offer suggestions on how IDriss can be improved.

Rewards Program

With the community-first approach in mind, the IDriss team has created a rewards program where users can earn points through various actions to help grow IDriss. Activities such as inviting new users to sign up or join the Discord community and engaging with the IDriss Twitter account earn rewards points. Rewards earned can be swapped for $IDriss after the token is released.

DAO’ing it

IDriss is currently in the hands of its founders, but they plan to progressively decentralize power to their community to form a DAO. The first step will be the release of the IDriss token. No word has been given on when this will occur, but it appears to be on the horizon.

Photo by Jeff Nissen on Unsplash

IDriss is propelling the web3 and cryptocurrency ecosystem forward toward mass adoption. Utilizing familiar web2 tools as a bridge into crypto is just what is needed to onboard new users. Bravo to the IDriss team! We can’t wait to see what else is in store as your products continue to grow and develop.

Want to give IDriss a try?

Sign up here: https://www.idriss.xyz/bT2wnuM





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