A few months ago, I sat on a community call for Journo DAO. Journo DAO is a group of exceptional professionals looking to rethink journalism in Web3. I was there to listen and personally ask if the DAO wanted to get listed on the List of DAOs. I like to do things differently at List of DAOs, like talk to members, core contributors, attend meetings, etc., and hopefully develop relationships. During the meeting, Journo DAO happened to be speaking about their NFT and mentioned an interesting project called Good Morning News.

Always watchful for DAO projects and unheard-of diamonds in the rough, I scribbled Good Morning News down in my black rocketbook and decided that I would follow up a few days later. It’s a simple process, hear about a DAO and reach out to them. Sometimes teams will get back to me, and sometimes my email, DM, or message goes into the abyss. I forget how exactly it went down in this case, but Journo DAO was right. Good Morning News is an interesting project, which brings me to this article!

What is Good Morning News?

Good Morning News can be described in six simple words “the world’s first decentralized news organization.” Those who read my first article for the Bankless Writer’s cohort know I am a sucker for simplicity. In the Chippi article, I mentioned, “I got involved in Chippi because of the simplistic creativity.” Good Morning news follows suit. I would describe the DAO and its work as simplistic creativity with a whopping dollop of hard work and ingenuity!

Okay, so they are a decentralized news organization; what does this mean? Well, as pub (founder of Good Morning News) would say, let’s see how the sausage gets made.

What do they do?

Every day the community (members who own a Good Morning News NFT) submit and vote on top news articles or subjects. The story or topic with the most community votes is selected to be featured in Good Morning News. A step-by-step process then begins in Discord. The first step in that process is a request for a writer. If a writer is interested, they can “claim” the story and write about it. Stories are typically between 275–350 words. When a story is submitted, an editor reviews the writing. Next, a headline is designed that correlates to the edited story. Lastly, a voice-over (VO) or article recording is completed.

With an edited story, headline, and voice recording ready, the information is then copied and placed into the metadata of the Good Morning News NFTs. This process happens daily, and the Good Morning team has been consistent for over 320 days and counting. Every good orchestra, in this case, an orchestra of news, needs a conductor. At Good Morning News, the conductor goes by pub. Pub expertly manages this process daily, keeping the team accountable and ensuring the news gets delivered on time.

This daily article is known as the GMN Daily. The GMN Daily is a dynamic NFT with the latest news worldwide and “…your ticket to the GMN Discord server so you can see how the sausage is made.” But that’s not all! Weekly summaries of the news can be purchased called the Weekly Wei.

GMN-Weekly Wei

Additionally, Good Morning News has its own Profile Pictures (PFPs) called Newsies. When the Newsies were released, Good Morning News gave 20% back to the Bankless DAO and the Bankless Writers. I was happy when I received my Newsie. I received one with the coveted hairstyle. Some people on Twitter spaces have described them as “afro”-esk. I have accepted this description and attribute it to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or FROMO.


What’s in it for me?

Owners of the GMN DAILY NFT get an updated story every day. Yes, that’s potentially lifelong access to a decentralized news organization for less than 15 dollars. Imagine paying for the newspaper once and it updating right in front of your eyes! Harry Potter fans should be drooling!

Furthermore, anyone can contribute to the publication. However, only NFT owners get to vote. Even better, contributors (writers, editors, designers, etc.) can get paid in the native token called PAPER.

Why do I like the project?

I like the Good Morning News project because of the hard work and dedication of the team. This project is simplistic in that they are providing the news yet also highly innovative in the way they are changing journalism and using dynamic NFT attributes to give value to holders. Additional benefits are that Good Morning News operates as “… an open-source framework within which anyone can create sustainable, immutable, censorship-resistant journalism.”

I have learned so much from Good Morning News, and full disclosure, I have contributed, own the NFTs, and enjoy their product. However, please don’t take my word for it. See how the sausage is made, and hopefully, like me, you will understand what a powerhouse this project is and has been for 320 days and counting.

Where to learn more?

To learn more about Good Morning News, head to their Discord and say GM, or visit their website https://www.goodmorningnews.club/.

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