Did you hear the news? ELI5 DAO was one of three recipients of a 1 ETH DAOpunks grant! 🎉 Cue happy dance!

So, what’s next? Today’s article is the first installment of a 6-week series documenting our journey as a DAOpunks Cohort 2 grantee, which will offer an inside look at how we “DAO” over at ELI5. But first, let’s start with some introductions.

Who are the DAOPunks?


DAOpunks’s mission is “to enable humans to liberate themselves from the soul-sucking drudgery of default world work and lead them to the rewarding, expansive freedom found in meaningful Web3 and DAO work.” A mission that’s easy to get behind, eh? It literally describes why I quit my job and got into web3 back in June of 2022. As part of this mission, they offer 1ETH grants to those in the web3 ecosystem doing cool stuff, whether it be an individual trying to become a full-time DAOpunk or a project/DAO, like ELI5, working on something interesting in the space. To learn more, follow DAOpunks on Twitter and hop into their Discord.


We are incredibly grateful and honored to have been one of three grantees in cohort 2. Additionally, being awarded the grant offers some external validation that ELI5 might be on to something.


ELI5-DAO stands for Explain It Like I am Five years old — Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Our DAO tests tools created for decentralized organizations and reviews them in an easy-to-understand manner. Check out our reviews by visiting the ELI5 DAO website.

ELI5 launched and began its first DAO tool testing epoch in November 2022. Since launching, the community has grown to over 80+ members, and we recently started our 3rd testing epoch. The community has embraced our mission and purpose, creating an environment of learning and inclusion while having a bit of fun along the way.

Speaking of fun, now seems like a great time to introduce our custom, 1/1 DAO mascot, Slurty McSlurtleface, a cross between a turtle and sloth, which illustrates ELI5’s slow and steady approach! Slurty was an idea birthed from the ELI5 community and named via a JokeDAO contest.

We truly believe ELI5 is creating future DAO and web3 leaders while helping the ecosystem grow, and we welcome you to join us. Head over to our website to see how you can get involved.

Let’s Get to Work!

Since being awarded the grant one week ago, it’s been go-time on epoch 4! It is a special one as this is the first tool the DAO contributors will select as a community. (The epoch 1 tool was chosen by the DAOs founders, and the epoch 2 and 3 tools were funded by their respective companies.) First, we had a call for tool suggestions in our Discord.


Many solid tools were thrown in the rink, including DAOLens, Coordinape, Dework, and Sobol. Next, we conducted an off-chain rank-choice vote on Snapshot, including all the suggested tools.


Voting concluded on Saturday, 3/11, and the results are in.


ELI5 DAO will be testing DAOhaus during epoch 4! DAOhaus provides communities the capabilities to decentrally coordinate and govern around their values and mission. We are stoked to see what this tool has to offer.

Last but certainly not least, we needed to formalize this decision via our on-chain governance platform, Colony.io (Check out our colony/governance here.)


Whew! Was that a lot of steps? Yes. Does decision-making in DAOs take longer than in traditional, centralized organizations? Also, yes, BUT following these steps allows our DAO to truly operate in a decentralized manner, where the collective makes decisions and chooses the direction of the DAO, together.

Looking Ahead

This coming week is sure to be a busy one. It will include bounty creation and assignment, establishing ELI5 DAO over on DAOhaus, and jumping in head first on our exploration and testing. Be sure to follow along here or join our Discord for a deeper look at what the ELI5 DAO team is up to!





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