Understanding and education form the cornerstone of adoption in the ever-expanding realm of Web3 and decentralized technologies. ELI5 DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), aims to be a beacon of clarity amidst the intricate landscape of DAOs and Web3 tools.

Who is ELI5 DAO?

The DAO tooling landscape is vast and rapidly evolving, making it extremely difficult to select the best resources to optimize efficiency and maximize workflow for one’s DAO or project. ELI5 DAO stands for Explain It Like I am Five years old — Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We review tools created for decentralized organizations and explain their use in an easy-to-understand manner. Our reviews are published for public consumption on our website so others can make educated and better-informed decisions when creating the tool stack for their project/DAO.

Purpose 🎯

We make DAO resources simple to understand.

Mission 🚀

We educate through experimentation.

Vision 🛣️

We seek to become a trusted resource to help people and organizations adopt decentralization by sharing educational and objective information. Think the consumer reports of Web3. Areas of focus include DAO Governance, Structure, Operations, Communications, Rewards, and more. Most importantly, we value diversity of thought and an inclusive environment and invite everyone to participate, whether they are veterans of web3 or newbies.

Check out the ELI5 DAO Website to see our reviews!

Gitcoin Grants 18: Web3 Community and Education Core Round

The Gitcoin Grants program is a quarterly initiative run by Gitcoin that empowers communities to use web3 to fund their shared needs via a combination of crowdfunding and grants. Gitcoin Grants 18 (GG18) features four core rounds, including one focused on Web3 Community and Education.


Never has there been a more perfect category for ELI5 DAO. As a grantee of GG18, ELI5 DAO is eligible to receive donations from individuals who want to support our mission. What’s better is that the impact of individual contributions is magnified by using the Quadratic Funding (QF) distribution mechanism. (To learn more about how Quadratic Funding works, check out Quadratic Funding Explained.)

The tl;dr on Quadratic Funding is this: The more individual donors that contribute to a grantee (no matter how small the individual contributions are), the more quadratic funding the grantee will receive. It’s a model that values widespread support, which is especially for the newer and smaller DAOs and projects in the space.

Support ELI5 DAO's Gitcoin Grants 18 Initiative

You can support ELI5 DAO by contributing via the Gitcoin Grants Portal here: https://t.co/VELzAwsuuR.

Funds received from GG18 will enable the continuance of our mission, directly supporting future testing epochs and, in turn, community growth. The DAO Tooling space is expanding rapidly, and we plan to have our fingers on the pulse of it as the landscape continues to develop. We genuinely believe in the ethos of decentralization and that we can go farther together. Thank you for your support!

A few notes on donations:

Donations made by donors who have a Gitcoin Passport score of at least 20 points are eligible for matching funds. If you are not a passport holder or need to renew your stamps (they expire every 90 days), you can do so here.

Donations to our project can be made via Optimism. Don’t have any funds on Optimism yet? Not to worry! Bridging funds from Ethereum mainnet to Optimism is extremely easy. You can do so at https://app.optimism.io/bridge/deposit.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on bridging from our friends over at Gitcoin:

Once you’ve transferred funds to Optimism, you get to enjoy the perk of very low gas fees as you support your favorite Gitcoin Grantees!

Once again, we’d like to thank you for your generosity and support as we strive to help the DAO and decentralized ecosystem grow! We are also supporting other projects during #GG18. If you are a grantee in this round, please let us know. Cheers!

ELI5 DAO Contact Information:

- Email: eli.five.dao@gmail.com

- Website: [www.eli5dao.com

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELI5DAO

- Discord: https://discord.gg/yt3UUghVvs





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