Where should I start my Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)? Should I use Discord or Telegram, or both? What is this Coordinape business? People keep talking to me about Lens like I should have a notion. Wait, Notion is a tool too?

These are some of the questions we see DAO founders asking themselves, and for good reason. DAO tooling has been all the rage recently, and the Web3 space is so nascent it can be tough to get one’s bearing, let alone a community’s bearings. So many products and services are being created to help decentralized organizations succeed that we have noticed a problem — it's overwhelming, and there is no simple way to understand them all.

Cue dramatic music and entrance now!

Photo by Vianney CAHEN on Unsplash

Introducing (make drumroll noise with tongue) ELI5 DAO!

ELI5 is an acronym for Explain it Like I’m Five. It is a term used to describe a process of simply explaining complicated procedures or concepts. ELI5 DAO hopes to lead decentralized communities to greater mission success by simplifying DAO Tools.

The Process

So how does the ELI5 DAO plan to accomplish this? We seek to understand through experimentation. Specifically, experimentation will happen in 3-month timeframes or epochs. During months 1 and 2, a specific DAO tool will be chosen by members to be tested.

After a two-month testing phase, Month 3 will be reserved for writing, recording, editing, and completing reviews. Initially, we plan to create three types of reviews.

  1. Personal Tool Reviews- Think Amazon or Yelp reviews. Anyone can complete a personal review and get paid for their submission.
  2. Video Reviews- Many DAO tools want honest feedback and insight into how others use and interact with their tools. Two videos will be recorded documenting the use of each tool and/or interviews of user experiences.
  3. TLDR/Summary- Not familiar with a tool? That’s okay. The first spot to look at would be the TLDR or summary. ELI5's summaries will include basic information on the DAO tool explained in a manner anyone can understand. Incorporating the personal reviews, a summary will provide a 1,000-foot review citing what was helpful and could be improved.

After the reviews, videos, and summaries are completed, DAO members will proofread and edit the reviews (to ensure quality reviews are submitted). Once completed, submitters and editors will get paid a specific token for their contributions.

So do I have this right? Test a tool, review it, submit the reviews, check them over, release them, and get paid. Yes! That is it in a nutshell. Once a three-month epoch is completed, the next epoch and DAO Tool testing will begin.

Okay, the problem is a lot of DAO tools, and your solution is to help explain them in an easy-to-understand manner. You are also going to be testing the tools in epochs. So how will that help the actual use of the tool in a DAO?

While we hope to help explain tools, we also want to help DAOs choose tools that may be best for their specific context. What better way to understand tools than to have your community test them?

An investment DAO may not need the same tools as a social DAO, but if ELI5 can help communities find and test helpful tools, we reduce distractions and allow DAOs to focus on their missions. Epochs are timed and focused. If members want to participate in a specific epoch, they can, or if they wish to wait until the reviews come out, they can. One of the most significant benefits we see is the ability to simultaneously learn and earn.

So, where does ELI5 start? We are super excited to be collaborating with Colony.io. The first epoch’s review will be paid in the Colony’s native token, CLNY. We anticipate being able to test for approximately 18 months or six epochs at a minimum. In addition to Colony, we have an active submission to extend to further epochs with Samudai.

So how do I join ELI5? The DAO is being finalized with an anticipated start date for Epoch 1, starting on November or December 1st. A notion page has been created that outlines the format of the epochs and details the funding structure. In the meantime, members can join the DAO as a “watcher” and participate in completing a review.

After proof of participation, members can nominate themselves to become part of the DAO. Membership in the DAO opens up additional opportunities to earn. Our hope is that ELI5 becomes an active DAO tool testing site and that together, we can learn and earn while uplifting the Web3 space.

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