Have you ever gone into a Discord Server and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of categories and channels? When I first joined the Bankless DAO Discord, I was immediately intimidated by the 100+ channels. Quite honestly, I didn’t know where to start.

Bankless DAO Discord

Eventually, that anxiety dwindled, and I became familiar with the Bankless structure, but personally, this took time and initiative and created friction. This can be particularly problematic for newcomers, especially if it is their first assimilation attempt. While it would be ideal to offer personalized orientation to help new joiners, often, this may be challenging. But what if there was a bot that could automate this for us?

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

This is what the team at Yerba is doing. Yerba is a Discord bot that can be easily installed on a server. It seeks to help with “…onboarding and community management so that you can focus on what matters.”

How does it work?

Yerba helps with Discord onboarding through the creation of quests. Think of quests as interactive challenges new members can complete. For example, a quest could be created that interactively takes members to the different channels in a Discord server and describes their function.

Yerba describes these as server tours. At the end of the tour, members can earn server roles or badges, which could open up additional features. As of this writing, Yerba offers a mix of options in addition to server tours to add to quests. One newer feature is the ability to add a secret password. A quest could prompt Discord users to watch a video and enter the secret code at the end of the video. When the code is entered, their quest continues.


What we like about Yerba

What we like about this tool is twofold — the team and the solution. To start, the team pitched this idea at a Buidlathon and, through some hard work, earned a grant. After listening to a Spork DAO community call, we stumbled on their story and had to learn more! Instantly you could feel their passion, and they were extremely responsive. They offered us a demonstration and even visited our Discord to help implement it.

Second, the solution they provide is something we see larger communities paying for. While the project is still growing and improvements are needed, I see a lot of value and potential. Future quests could integrate problem-solving, quizzes, and videos in Discord. We also love that you can customize the quests to your liking, and they even have an AI Quest Builder in Beta.


Overall, we love the potential of Yerba, the team, and the solution they are building. As the product continues to improve, we can’t wait to see the different quests communities will create and their impact on onboarding.

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