Holy cannoli. Another 1.5 months have flown by! Things have been so busy that I’m just now getting around to documenting how month 2 went, so we’ll go ahead and include half of month three as well (August 1, 2022-Sept 15, 2022). I’ve got lots of activities and events to share. Let’s get started!

The Good

The past six weeks have been filled with tons of good stuff.

Community Growth

We’ve once again grown our Decentra-List community exponentially! Personally, my Twitter following went from 160 to over 325 followers. We are up to 43 articles published on the Decentralized Diary, over 225 DAOs are featured on the List of DAOs, and we have more than 20 NFT artists on the List of NFTs. Our Medium following continues to grow, now over 320 subscribers. I am starting to find my groove, and I’m enjoying connecting with so many incredible people in the Web3 space.

Web3 Book Club

We started a book club! The Web3 Book Club (@web3bookclub) is an inclusive community with meetings held on Twitter Spaces, and, of course, we had to sprinkle in some decentralization. Voting for books and anything else that needs to be decided takes place on Snapshot, and participants are gifted a founding member NFT that grants them voting rights. Book content can be about Web3, but it is not required. So far, we’ve minted 50 founding member NFTs, voted for our first book on Snapshot, and held our first meeting. It’s free to join, and members can jump in anytime. Definitely check it out and join the club if you are interested in reading and learning with a group of wonderful people in Web3!

Coding Courses

I’ve decided to learn how to code! This skill set will help in the development of our websites immensely and opens up my options for work in the future. I hope to be working here at the Decentra-List and Decentralized Diary full-time forever, but it doesn’t hurt to have additional skills to fall back on. I’ve decided to go with SheCodes, which focuses on front-end software development. I’m taking the full gamut of courses offered, and I aim to complete them before Christmas. The beauty of SheCodes is it’s self-paced, so I need to commit a minimum of 5 hours each week but can go as quickly as I’d like. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my SheCodes journey in future diary entries.


The Decentra-list team just returned from MCON 2; a DAO-centric conference put on by @MetaCartel, which took place September 6th-9th. As with any conference, the best part was making connections and putting faces to PFPs! We met many old friends and made many new ones over the two days we attended.

Travel and Adventures

Outside of the daily grind, the months of August and early September were filled with travel and adventures. At the start of the month, we went camping with some family in Colorado. Disconnecting and recharging in nature was just what the doctor ordered. Then we were in Denver for MCON. Most recently, we were back in Spokane, WA, for John’s in-person graduate school classes. It has been a summer filled to the brim with travel which has been great. That said, I’m so grateful to be home for a bit. We are just getting into the Fall season here in Teton Valley, and I am stoked! It’s my favorite season, and the beauty of this area during Autumn is second to none.

The Bad & The Ugly

As crazy as it sounds, I haven’t encountered anything over the past six weeks that I’d consider “bad” or “ugly.” Sure there have been days of frustration and others where my imposter syndrome creeps its ugly head, but I can’t complain overall. I’ve been working on reframing when the going gets tough and taking things in stride. It has really helped!

If I had to choose something to write about, John had to walk away from a poker tournament that took place at the SporkDAO after party during MCON. It doesn’t sound horrible, but he happened to be the chip leader, and the prize for the winner was ~6 ETH! Needless to say, I had to PEEL him away from the table so we could go to an invite-only dinner we had been asked to attend. As the saying goes, the right decision is the hardest to make! LOL

Well, there you have it. I’ve got some pretty exciting things coming in the next few weeks that I’m looking forward to. Be on the lookout for the next update very soon. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my little soulmate, Finley. We are each other’s emotional support beings. As you can see, he hates accessories, but I couldn’t resist! Cheers to a fantastic month ahead!

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