The inaugural ChippiCon event at Permissionless II is just around the corner! This highly anticipated gathering will bring Chippi enthusiasts from around the globe together in one place for the very first time. So, you might be wondering, what exactly is ChippiCon all about? Can you join in on the event? Or are you still scratching your head, asking, “What on earth is a Chippi?” In today’s article, we’ll cover all these points and provide you with the details on how to be a part of this historical event.

History of the Chippi Community

Enjoy this brief history of the Chippi collection from an excerpt of our article, A Tale of Two NFT Projects.

Born out of Bankless DAO, Chippi are “original, hand-drawn characters” created by the artist, Perchy. At first glance, Chippi are simple, but ingrained within the strokes is a high level of attention to detail, thoughtfulness, uniqueness, and creativity. They come in all shapes and sizes, as each custom Chippi buyer had the opportunity to collaborate with Perchy to create the Chippi NFT of their dreams. Some Chippi are embodiments of their owners, some are personifications or “chippifications” of businesses, and others are themed after popular characters. Many more are made to tell stories and events within web3.

Who are Chippi for? The simple answer is everyone and anyone, but the original Chippi series is limited to 500! While 500 may seem like a little compared to other projects, Chippi are a small, tight-knit community. As of September 2023, all 500 Chippi have been claimed, though a few are available on the secondary market.

So if there are 500 Chippi, where do they all belong? The Chippi roadmap states, “Chippi are inhabitants of Bankless Nation.” Within that Bankless Nation are eight prominent “Bankless Locations’’ (with a ninth bonus location for committed collectors). Like Chippi, these locations are hand-drawn NFTs, each representing a visual timestamp of happenings and current events. For example, Castle Ethereum, a Bankless Location, visually interpreted the much-awaited Ethereum Merge. One perk of owning a piece of the collection is that each Chippi is eventually showcased in one of the Bankless Locations!

Castle Ethereum by Perchy

ChippiCon Event Details

ChippiCon 2023 is scheduled for Sunday, September 10th, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. CST and will take place at Oddwood Brewing in Austin, Texas. This event is the perfect kickoff for the Permissionless II conference! Notably, there is no entrance fee, and no RSVP is necessary. Everyone is warmly invited to attend, whether or not you’re officially part of the Chippi community.

Chippi hodlers are strongly encouraged to showcase their Chippi spirit by dressing up like their Chippi for the occasion. This alone should be a compelling reason to join us, as we eagerly anticipate seeing all the imaginative costumes. Moreover, there are many other reasons why you should consider being a part of this inaugural event!

Vibe IRL with The Chippi Team

ChippiCon offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with your web3 friends in person, but that’s not all. Members of the official Chippi team, Kthay and Perchy, will also be in attendance! This is your chance to engage in conversations and share a drink or two with the creative minds behind the project.

Win a Chippi NFT!

As part of the ChippiCon festivities, an exclusive raffle will take place and feature some fantastic NFTs! There are a total of six prizes up for grabs, and one lucky winner will receive the GRAND PRIZE, an official Chippi NFT: Postgoblin!

Postgoblin by Percy- GRAND Prize at the ChippiCon 2023 raffle

If you’ve missed the chance to claim one of the 500 Chippi NFTs before, here’s your golden opportunity! For just $5, you can enter the raffle, and all proceeds will go towards funding ChippiCon 2024. Payments accepted will include cryptocurreny (ETH on Optimism ) or Venmo.

ChippiCon Discord Hangout

Unable to attend in person? No problem! We’ve got you covered with a live Discord hangout happening concurrently with the event. So, dust off that Chippi costume you’ve been putting together, grab your preferred beverage, and join us in the Chippi Discord for some remote fun!

Whether you’re gearing up for Permissionless II or just so happen to find yourself in the area, we extend a warm invitation to join us at the event! ChippiCon 2023 promises to be an unforgetable night filled with wonderful people and a bit of silliness thrown in for good measure. Oh, and did we mention that the Chippi Sea Shanty sing-along, complete with frosty steins of your favorite beverages, will be happening? It’s going to be a blast!

Event Details:

Place: Oddwood Brewing, Austin, TX

Time: 7–10 pm CST

Open Event: No tickets or RSVP required, Chippi Costumes STRONGLY encouraged!

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