The Story

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a wise ruler who was respected and admired by all his subjects. One day, the king called for his people to gather in the square and said, “Bring me a rock.”

The people looked at each other, confused. Nevertheless, they set out to find a rock to please the king.

The first person who found a rock brought it before the king, but the king shook his head and said, “This is not the kind of rock I want. Bring me another.”

The second person brought a different rock, but the king rejected it.

The people tried many times but needed help figuring out what kind of rock the king wanted. Some brought bigger rocks, and some brought smaller stones, but the king rejected them all again and again.

Days turned into weeks, and still, no one could bring a suitable rock. The people grew tired and frustrated. They argued with each other and became discouraged.

Finally, one day, a wise woman came forward and asked the king, “Your majesty, can you tell us what kind of rock you want and what it will be used for? We have brought many rocks but cannot find the one that pleases you. If we knew the purpose of the rock, we could bring you a rock that meets your needs.”

“Ah, I see what you mean,” said the king. “I need a rock worthy enough to give to a queen.”

The wise woman immediately understood and told the others who set out on their mission once again. This time, they brought back rocks worthy of giving to a queen.

Photo by Long Truong on Unsplash

The king was pleased with their work and thanked them for their effort. He understood that his lack of clarity had caused confusion and frustration among his subjects.

The king thought about this and realized he had never told his subjects why he needed the rock. He had just commanded them to bring him one. That day, he learned the importance of clear communication and its need to avoid misunderstandings.

The Context

In Web3, organizations often seek help from individuals to complete tasks or “bounties.” Typically these bounties are posted on automated bounty boards. The parable of “Bring Me a Rock” was an experience I had with one of the first bounties I applied for. After submitting my bounty for approval, the bounty sponsor wanted changes. This was an issue because more time would be needed to change the product. It was frustrating and discouraging.

The parable of “Bring Me a Rock” reminds us to be specific in our bounty requests to prevent this back and forth. Not doing this could deter members from applying for future bounties leading to detrimental results. If your community posts bounties, make sure they are clear and specific. Provide details to potential claimers so they are excited to return, and the space will achieve its goals more efficiently. is a directory 🗒 for decentralized resources. It includes resources such as the List of DAOs, List of DAO Tools, and the Decentralized Diary. Visit our website at or follow us on Twitter @decentra_list.

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