John knew he would have to pivot and change himself to be sucessful. He would need to learn, grow a community, and build relationships to meet that one soulbound DAO. He wrote about this realization in some of his writings and called it a “pivot.”

“During my initial research, I discovered no simple, scrollable list of DAOs. There were lists of DAOs with analytics and metrics, but the information was overwhelming.”

So he and his partner (wait, what?) started a website called the List of DAOs. He started going out and differentiating himself from the other directories. He did this by talking to DAO core members and founders 1-by-1 and forming relationships. Instead of using online dating platforms (pulling APIs), he started the Web3 equivalent of “knocking on doors” and joined Discord and Twitter.

One of the first DAOs he discovered was Bankless DAO. Unfortunately for John, Bankless DAO was out of his league. Weeks would fly by where he spent sleepless nights envisioning his first AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Bankless.

Here is how John imagined the interaction would go.

John: “Hey, Bankless DAO, my name is John. I am going to start this List of DAOs, and you are one of the biggest DAOs out there. Would you like to join?”

Bankless DAO: “John, it is great to meet you! What a great idea that is, and it’s free! I would love to be on the List of DAOs!”

Narrator: John and Bankless DAO hugged and looked into the sunset living happily ever after.

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Here is how the interaction actually went.

John: (Via DMs-First mistake)

John: Again

John was being ghosted, and for a good reason. He was using a communication platform that Bankless DAO wasn’t checking. The equivalent of sending love letters in the mail- tactics just too old-schooled for Web3.

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Looking back now, John laughs about his foolishness. Was he so naive that he thought he could just propose to one of the biggest DAOs in the ecosystem? Little did he know the journey he would go on before the actual proposal would happen.

What John lacked in practicality, he made up with determination, hard work, confidence, and passion. Bankless didn’t know he was shooting cupid’s arrows out into the world, hoping someone would see them; funny enough, they did!

John went to the gym, got strong, built relationships, and learned much about the space. He found frens and others (who wanted to start a DAO like him) that needed help. So he joined forces and began to collaborate. 225 DAOs later and eight months of grueling work, John was a new man, but still, something was missing.

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Bankless DAO

Around the same time, Bankless DAO was out in the Web3 ecosystem. DAOs loved Bankless because of its sweet mission and vision statements:

The Bankless DAO's mission is to:

…onboard 1 billion people to crypto. The nodes in our growing ecosystem collaborate to create user-friendly onramps for people to discover, use, learn, and enjoy the benefits of Web3. Everyone falls down the rabbithole a different way — we provide all the ways.”

The Bankless DAO’s vision is to:

“…make financial independence, decentralized work, and creative freedom accessible to all. We work to build a world where anyone with an internet connection has access to the tools needed to achieve financial independence. We want everyone to be able to open a computer, find a DAO, start working, and get paid. We want to enable visionaries to unlock their true creative freedom with the power of Web3.”

John found himself reading these lines out loud. “Everyone falls down the rabbit hole a different way...” Yes, I agree,” he would scream.

“Bankless aims to allow everyone with a computer to FIND A DAO.….”

“Eureka!!!” John said out loud! That is our common interest. The list of DAOs is trying to be a website 🖥 to search 4️⃣ Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Maybe if we join in Web3 matrimony (collab), we could help others in the space together!

John knew what the hole in his heart was missing. He couldn’t give up. He was going to gather up the courage and propose to Bankless DAO.

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Fast forward a few months later. John gathered the courage to take on the Bankless Discord and received his first guess pass with some help from other Bankless members. He was so nervous, but this time it was different! John took the time to meet others, learn about the channels, and form bonds within the Bankless community. Then the time came for the proposal.

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John: “Hey, Bankless DAO, my partner and I have done a lot of work building relationships and learning about DAOs,” John said as he started to bend down to one knee.

John started his proposal. “I have this idea for a Bankless DAO & List of DAOs collab. The TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) is this. We want to join forces and help BUIDL 🏗 a simple DAO Directory that focuses on DAOlationships.

Bankless DAO: “John…” Bankless DAO, surprised by this proposal, raised its hand to its mouth in shock.

John: “Wait, wait, hear me out. It wouldn’t  just be a normal relationship; Bankless members would be paid in BANK for submitting their favorite DAOs.” John pulled out a letter.

“I wrote you this letter for the proposal; it starts with a summary, has a background, and even describes how our missions and values align. I guessed you would have questions on specification, token usage, financial implications, metrics, and more, so I added a second page and some Google slides.”

Bankless DAO: “John, I see you have done your homework, but I have to ask did you ask for permission?”

John: John got nervous but confidently responded, “Yes.” We received community support for approval from Bankless members and the Grants Committee. John began slowly pulling out a small black box (He was still on his knee…what commitment). “They distributed the funds, so now we can give members BANK for contributing.” John opened the box to reveal his ledger wallet.

Bankless DAO: “John, yes, we would love for you to help build a simple DAO Directory that focuses on DAOlationships and helps others find a DAO they love.”

John couldn’t believe the journey he had been on. Months of learning, hard work, and determination had paid off.

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He had not only proposed to collaborate with Bankless DAO but also got approved to pay Bankless members in BANK to submit and list their favorite DAOs. It was the first small step toward a life of decentralization and a commitment to reaching a common goal.

Today, Bankless members can add DAOs to the List of DAOs and get paid. One DAO already included on the List of DAOs- Bankless DAO.

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